Conservation Tips

When we think of being green we often think of recycling, reducing water and energy consumption. However, there are additional ways to be green in our homes and community. Did you know you can be green by protecting our sewers?  At the Lake Stevens Sewer District, we are committed to keeping Lake Stevens clean and maintaining an environmentally sustainable place to live and work. But, we need your help! See below on ways to help keep our sewers clean and flowing. 
  • Do not flush wipes down the toilet- there is no such thing as a "flushable" wipe. 
  • Dispose of Fats, oils, grease (FOG) and food waste in a compost or garbage
  • Only flush human waste and toilet paper
  • Reduce water waste
Is it okay to flush "flushable" wipes down the toilet? 

No, there is no such thing as a flushable wipe. Wipes will clog your pipes and are very expensive to clear from the sewers. Wipes do not breakdown. 

Is it okay to dump grease down a drain in my house?

No, dumping grease down your drains will cause grease buildup in your own drain lines. Some people believe that if you mix hot water with the grease it will not clog your lines. While this practice may not clog the lines in your immediate house, by the time the grease gets to your sewer pipe it will have cooled enough to build up. Keep in mind, you are responsible for the maintenance of your side sewer and calling out a plumber for this type of maintenance can be very expensive.

Is it okay to dump car oil down a drain in my house?

No, oil causes the filtration system at the treatment plant to fail and the filtration system must be cleaned and replaced causing thousands of dollars in damage.

Is it okay to flush plastic items down the toilet?

No, flushing plastic items and other non-biodegradable material, such as wipes, down the toilet causes problems in sewer lines. The material will hang up in your line and cause blockages. If the material reaches the treatment plant it will cause problems at the treatment facilities also.

Wastewater collected from your house is not only from the toilets, but also from showers, dishwashers, sinks and washer machines. It all goes to our Wastewater Treatment Plant where it is treated until it is approximately 96% pure.